WOD 7/2/14


Leg day here at Team Superhuman HQ! It will be a bitch. Start with the 10 minute squat hold, then on to the chipper legs.


Check out the team in action on our Facebook page.


WOD 6/30/14

Introducing our newest benchmark at Team a Superhuman.


This workout will test endurance not only in running but strength and endurance as well. Check our Facebook page for awesome pics and videos of Team Superhuman in action.


WOD 6/24/14

Today at the Barbell club we will experiment with Crossfits Hero WOD Murph.


This is a workout that will push you to the limits and is a favorite. To learn more about Murph and the Murph challenge go here.

To see more of the Superhuman Barbell Club in action check us put on Facebook.